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Japanese food

This Japanese restaurant is run by the third son of the owner of the famous Kyoto restaurant “Sojiki Nakahigashi”.

Sake, wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages are all domestically produced and delicious at the time, and the carefully prepared dishes that go with them are superb. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere where even tourists can relax just as much as the locals, so women alone can enjoy themselves without worry. This is a Japanese-style bar where hospitality, food, and beverages are all of the highest quality.

Many guests especially recommend the omusubi, which are handmade by the owner. Omusubi is a dish of cooked white rice that is pressurized and formed into a triangular or spherical shape by human hands. Because it is a simple dish, the flavor varies depending on the person who makes it.

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Name So Kawahigashi
Category Japanese food
Area Marutamachi
Nearest station Keihan “Jingu-marutamachi station”
How to request a cab Go to Kawabata-Marutamachi
Business Hours 17:00-23:00 (also open 12:00-15:00 on Saturdays only)
Regular holidays Sunday, Monday
Payment Method Credit cards accepted
Average budget Less than 5,000 yen per person
Phone number +81-75-748-1715
Instagram @so_kawahigashi




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