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A slightly different standing bar in Shijo Omiya, Kyoto, that pairs cakes with drinks.

The restaurant is run by a couple. The wife is a pastry chef and the husband is from a high-end kappo restaurant. The theme of the restaurant, which they established together, is “Sake, Cake, and Snacks. The store’s cakes are not only sweet, but many of them have a mature taste of liqueur and spices, making them a perfect match with wine, craft beer, and whiskey.

Being a very unique bar, it is very popular with the local restaurant staff and is crowded every day. However, its hours of operation are short and it is only open from 13:00-20:00.

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Name Ashibe
Category Sweets bar
Area Gojo-Omiya
Nearest station Hankyu “Omiya Station
How to request a cab Go to Gojo-Omiya
Business Hours 13:00-22:00
Regular holidays non-scheduled holiday
Payment Method Credit cards accepted
Average budget Less than 3,000 yen per person
Phone number +81-75-201-3051
Instagram @ashibekyoto






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