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This Kyoto yakiniku restaurant boasts a 95% regular customer rate. In a typical yakiniku restaurant, the restaurant provides the meat to the customer, who grills it himself. At this restaurant, however, customers rarely have the opportunity to grill their own meat, and the owner does it for them. This is because the owner has 34 years of experience in yakiniku and is an excellent griller.

All meat served at this restaurant is Kyoto beef. You can enjoy various parts of meat, and if you become a regular customer, you can enjoy even more backstage menu items. Draft beer is available for as low as 400 yen per glass so that drinkers can feel free to order. However, reservations must be made a week in advance as the restaurant is very popular.

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Name Gyu Kono
Category Yakiniku
Area Marutamachi
Nearest station Keihan “Jingu-marutamachi station
How to request a cab Go to Kawabata – Marutamachi
Business Hours 17:00-22:30
Regular holidays Thursday, 1 Wednesday a month
Payment Method Credit cards accepted
Average budget Less than 6,000 yen per person
Phone number +81-75-741-7629
Instagram @gyukouno

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