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This standing izakaya is located in a renovated Kyoto machiya in a back alley.

This is the first restaurant in Kyoto opened by a group that operates 10 izakayas in Osaka. The center of the restaurant is counter tables, but there are also tables in the back for groups to visit.

The manager of this restaurant has spent time in China, so many of the dishes are Chinese in style. Basically, there are many meat dishes and few fish dishes.

Sake is offered in six unique categories. However, since this is a Japanese expression, it is better to communicate specific preferences in English. Prices are relatively reasonable, and you can enjoy both cold and hot sake.

This restaurant is located in a place so difficult to find that even Japanese people can get lost. When you get to the neighborhood, take your time to look around. Never walk too fast.

Name Goemon Osaka
Category Standing Tavern
Area Shijo-Karasuma
Nearest station Subway “Shijo Station
How to request a cab Go to Takakura-Takoyakushi
Business Hours 17:00-25:00
Regular holidays non-scheduled holiday
Payment Method Cash Only
Average budget Less than 3,000 yen per person
Phone number
Instagram @goemon_osaka





Yasuyuki Ito

Yasuyuki Ito

京都市在住。 日本ソムリエ協会認定SAKE DIPLOMA(2018年度合格/No.2153)、SAKE検定認定講師。(社)日本ソムリエ協会正会員(No.29546)。大学卒業後は(株)マイナビに入社し約10年間、顧客企業の新卒・中途採用領域における採用ブランディング、クリエイティブディレクションを経験しました。30代はワインにハマり、40代は日本酒にハマる。さて、50代は何にハマろうか。

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